Taste the world in your kitchen

About AGT Foods

AGT Foods, the retail division of AGT Food and Ingredients Inc., is a value-added processor, canner and exporter of quality food products. We offer a range of over 1,400 products, including pulses, grains, rice, beverages, condiments, pasta, dairy products, dried fruit and nuts, confectionery items, oils, vinegars, blossoms, frozen vegetables, ready-to-eat meals, gourmet specialties and canned foods. AGT Foods products are available at grocery retailers across Canada and in many parts of the United States.

AGT Foods’ range of products includes more than 75 varieties of dry pulses and cereals, 40 varieties of canned pulses, 20 varieties of rice and a full line of Arbella Pasta products.

AGT Foods features five manufacturing and warehousing facilities across Canada, as well as a distribution facility in New Jersey to service U.S. customers. AGT Foods’ flagship facility in Saint-Léonard features processing, canning and packaging on a full line of canned and dry-pack products, bringing the tastes of the world to your kitchen.